31 mei 2021


Lieve FB volger,

Dank voor iedereen die het "sorry bericht" van BILD gisteren heeft geliked en/of gedeeld: https://tinyurl.com/yxnhc6kz.

Alle reacties gaven wel aan, hoeveel Nederlanders klaar zijn met alle angstverhalen in de media en van de overheid

Het geduld is op, het spel is doorzien en het is tijd dat de rollen worden omgedraaid, want:

Geen kind had zolang blootgesteld moeten worden aan zoveel angstverhalen, die een inbreuk vormen op hun mensrecht om zonder angst op te groeien: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freedom_from_fear

Geen kind had via welk nieuwskanaal of via welke angstcampagne dan ook moeten horen dat hij of zij een gevaar is voor oma of opa: https://tinyurl.com/aty48jce.

Geen kind had zich door alle angstverhalen zo angstig of somber moeten voelen in de afgelopen maanden: https://tinyurl.com/555hy5p5

Geen kind had ooit moeten horen dat hij/zij onderworpen zou worden aan een medisch experiment met mondkapjes wat als doel had zijn of haar gedrag te beïnvloeden: https://tinyurl.com/fps8zvbd

Geen kind had moeten horen dat, dat hij/zij zijn/haar handen had moeten stukwassen met handgels waarvan allang duidelijk was dat deze schadelijk kunnen zijn: https://tinyurl.com/s4yvpvwn.

Angst verzwakt onze kinderen en daarmee de mensheid: https://tinyurl.com/4rhtc9tr

Angst zorgt voor stress, stress maakt ons ziek en dat weten ze bij Pfizer ook: https://tinyurl.com/dcyjvxmh.

Terwijl de focus nooit had mogen liggen op angstverhalen. De focus had bij de media moeten liggen hoe kinderen met hun liefde opa en oma beter hadden kunnen maken.

En ja, zelfs dat weten ze bij Pfizer. https://www.pfizer.nl/je-goed-voelen/knuffelen-gezond maar dat verhaal van liefde past alleen niet zo goed in de huidige verkoopstrategie.

Daarom was mijn oproep tijdens mijn intense speech van 10 minuten afgelopen zondag in Brussel heel duidelijk: We have to change the direction of fear.

Gezonde groet,
Frank Ruesink

Ps 1: Voor de mensen, die meer van lezen dan van luisteren houden, hieronder vind je mijn hele speech uitgeschreven.

Ps 2: Ik ben bezig om met Mordechai Krispijn een nieuwe actie op te zetten waarmee we ook echt de richting van angst gaan veranderen. Later meer hierover want hier hebben we jullie wel voor nodig.


I am here today to make a change.

I am here to unite and gather with you……… to say enough is enough.

I am here to remind ourselves, that if we tolerate this than our children will be next

My son was hospitalized 15 years ago, two days after his MMR vaccination.

I learned the truth the hard way.

I was a father who didn’t do his own research.

I was a believer.

I was a believer of the marketing story of the vaccine industry and the Dutch Government

I was ignorant.

I ignored my beautiful wife who asked me the simple question: “shouldn’t we fear the vaccine more than a potential disease?”

At that time I could not believe that here female intuition was more than a feeling.
After my son recovered from his traumatic experience I started doing my own research.

The research which of course I should have done before I put my healthy baby in the hands of the unethical pharmaceutical industry.

And now 15 years later based on all my research there is no doubt in my mind that it is my duty to say to all of you: vaccines do harm children.

Not only on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional and spiritual level.
And no……….. you don’t have to be a doctor or you don’t have to have a medical degree to say this.

You need to read books about the misbehavior of the vaccine industry

You need to understand the messages of the whistle blowers.

You need to understand why this industry is not liable for all its misbehavior.

You need to see if your government learned anything from all its mistakes during the so called Mexican flu pandemic more than 10 years ago.

You need to listen to experts, like Heidi Larsson from the World Health Industry who says that they lack vaccine safety studies.

But most important you need to love your children, you need to love humanity

And yesterday some special happened.
I learned from Jeroen Pols that the German Newspaper Bild offered its apologies.

Apologies to all children in Germany.
Apologies for all their fear based stories.

Fear stories from the media that caused harm not only in Germany, in Belgium but of course also in The Netherlands.

Too many people have not survived these driven fear campaigns from government and media.

Standing here in Brussels I am thinking of the Dutch athlete Ilona Lucassen who lost all structure and who took her own life.

But I am also thinking of 87-year-old Cees.
With the thought: better death than the loneliness of a lockdown, he jumped from an nine-high level apartment building and died on the pavement.

A rigid visitation ban, solitary confinement, mental neglect and careless communication of corona measures were fatal to him.

I believe that we should all push so hard on the media in our own country that there is only one option left for them. Follow the example of Bild and offer apologies to all children.

And I believe that this is our duty.
We should change the direction of fear.

We should not fear what is coming our way.
The media, the government and the pharmaceutical industry should fear what is coming their way.

Because we are coming their way with the truth in our hands.

We are coming their way together, because…

Together we exposed the lies of the corona models that put us in a lockdown.

Together we exposed the fraud of the PCR test.

Together we exposed the agenda of the World Economic Forum.

Together we exposed the misconduct of the vaccine industry.

Together we stand up for Medical Freedom.

And now together we should continue to shine our light on their lies so that pleading guilty of saying sorry is the only option left for them.

And while we do so, we should remind ourselves of the famous quote of Mahatma Gandhi:

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

And yes you have been ignored, laughed at and fought by friends, family and colleagues. So please continue on your path to freedom because with the love in your heart for humanity you deserve to win.

The fact that you are here again shows that it is serious for you and yes that is something that you should be proud of.

It shows that the movement cannot be stopped because we are not standing here for ourselves.

We are here for the free future of our children.

We are here because we no longer accept any manipulation, any threat or any lie

We are here because we are not engaging in another unethical experiment by the pharmaceutical industry.

We are here because we are no longer frightened by a system that looks its own bankruptcy right in the eye.

We are here because we are going to build a new society together.

That's why I hereby make my appeal to all fathers and all mothers Protect your children.

Stop the fake testing.

Walk away from an experimental gene therapy.

Do not accept lies and manipulation from anyone.

Stand up for your own rights.

Stand up for your own freedom, but above all stand up for the future of your children.

Join the loving freedom movement.

Join local groups near you, with whom you can create a new society.

But most important realize one thing forever:

You are not a Medical Experiment.

Your child is not a Medical Experiment.

Thank you Brussels and please remember: